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Leader in Network Performance Intelligence

In companies, network and application teams are divided into two separate departments using their own legacy tools. In case of slowdown in business applications, Network is blamed…but it’s not always the Network fault. Implementation of a common solution for all teams will facilitate internal communication and resolve the issue.

Network and Applications Performance Monitoring solutions provider, H5 offers a range of IT Metrology powerful and ergonomic toolset:   H5-Appliance, H5-Flow, H5-RT & H5-CPR.

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Our products

Based on “Network Performance Intelligence” and thanks to decades of expertise in auditing network , H5 has developed its H5-Appliance range to address IT teams needs  with a complete solution that offers global visibility and scalability,  which is easy to pilot & is giving real-time results.

IP applications monitoring

H5-Appliance range

Based on an all-in-one scalable architecture, H5-Appliance is a complete full autonomous plug and play and passive system. The appliance supplies extraction and analysis of network flows data, data history storage and Reporting.

Netflow/Sflow monitoring

H5-Flow range

H5 audits have developed a solution that provides to the network administrators a business visibility via simple intuitive and complete views. H5 audits rely on a proven and standardized model which is easy to implement and with a low TCO (total cost of ownership).

Multicast Flows monitoring

H5-RT Range

Multicast Flows enable real time data and multi-media content to be distributed across a large subscribers base. The persistent emergence of applications such as IPTV, Visio Conference, Trade floor information distribution creates a need for visibility fulfilled H5-RT.

Central reporting monitoring

H5-Central Reporter range

Total and global Network flows visibilty is a vital need when you need to provide management a mutli-appliances centralized reporting. H5-CPR allows a simple, complete and intuitive reporting, giving access to an ergonomic and instantaneous view of dashboards of a group of appliances.

Our strengths

H5 Performance

H5-Performance Reporter is a simple, comprehensive and intuitive reporting with an easy access to an instantaneous dashboard with an ergonomic view.


Installation, configuration, provisioning to ensure a good start and use of the solution are performed by our professional service team.

Support H5

H5 provides support service for all of H5 Solutions. 1 year, 3 years and 5 years available support contracts.

Specific Products Development

H5 audits R&D department is able to support the rapid evolution of the targeted markets. Our approach based on innovation allows to offer to our customer products in line with their expectations.