H5-CLOUD provides a 360° view of the traffic running on your network. Linked to H5-BOX, which is deployed on your remote sites, this solution monitors users, servers, applications, and URL in any network topology.

You also access easily a set of synthetic reports and comprehensive dashboards hosted on our H5-CLOUD portal.


No configuration needed! H5-CLOUD is easy to use. Simply connect to the cloud and you directly access data generated by H5-BOX. Fully managed over https and with build-in secured solution, it offers easy implementation in any network configuration.

Thanks to ergonomic dashboards, H5-CLOUD data analytis is simple and easy. You just need to zoom on the time-period you are interested in over past days, weeks, or months and "click" on the relevant data. This solution allows you to monitor to the most essential performance metrics: latency, packet loss, etc.…and not just which IP is used on the bandwidth.

On top of functions already available, additional customizable dashboards can be created.  


H5-BOX generates metrics from your site's network feed. Once captured by the appliance, the metrics are sent to H5-CLOUD for analysis.

H5-BOX is very easy to install on your network thanks to its 'plug-and-play' system. It is equipped with a cyclic capture (rolling buffer) function which allows users to access past captured packets. Very useful if you need access past recorded data.