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Professional Services

Professional services are performed by H5 or a H5 certified partner (Please contact us to get contact information). Professional services are designed to support you in getting the best out of the H5-Appliance. They are operational solutions that effectively answer your needs.

The H5 professional services team is formed with Expert consultants who specialize in metrology and applications performance monitoring; they have decades of experience. The team H5 professional services will work closely with you for :

Installation and configuration of H5 solutions

Installation, configuration, provisioning to ensure a good start and use of the solution are performed by our professional service team. Team provides a measurement monitoring consulting service during start-up phase.

Transfer knowledge and training 

Our experts coach and educate users and administrators during sessions of 1 or 2 days on your site or at our headquarters. All documentation (User guide, FAQ, site) is provided in both English or French.

Expert support

Our experts are at your disposal. Call and explains your needs or requests to our H5 experts team to support you in performing expertise on H5-Flow.

Support services

The support service includes hardware and software support for all H5 solutions. Unlimited access to hotline support and the intranet, new releases for H5-OS®, H5–Dock® et H5-Performance Reporter are provided. Access to H5 consulting expert is also enclosed. On-site support operation is an available option.

Professional service engagement 

To answer your impermanent network instrumentation needs (for example, assignment at a service insurance to support a sensitive and critical migration period), we have developed this special service convention : on-site provision of tools (H5-Appliance solution); our team will provide administration of the tools, and develop synthesis and reports that are needed to support the ongoing transition period.


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