Solutions for IT Management

IT Management is responsible for the IT tools politics and strategies on the long run along with investments suitability. As they are in charge of key decisions regarding IP infrastructures, IT managers have multiple needs:
>  Understand network usage of all departments and services,
>  Perform adequate capacity planning & master IT risks,
>  Pilot and manage IT with insights.

IT managers want to have access to critical business applications' visual follow-up, they need to make the right decisions in terms of capacity planning and improve teams collaboration and interaction.


With H5-Performance Reporter portal, H5 audits allows IT Managers and department to monitor business flows via high level dashboards.

H5 audits solutions provide to IT Managers and IT department :
> SLA reporting monitoring,
> Synthetic customized dashboards,
> Mutual solutions for all actors.

These solutions allow to :
> Reduce major incidents impacts,
> Own a decision support system,
> Improve collaboration with all IT departments (network, management, helpdesk…)

Information access is granted via 2 GUI :
> H5-Dock : Java software interface giving access to the full/whole solution database. 
> H5-Performance Reporter : Simple, complete and intuitive reporting interface that gives access to an instant and ergonomic dashboards view.

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IP applications monitoring

Based on “Network Performance Intelligence” and thanks to decades of expertise in auditing network , H5 has developed its H5-Appliance range to address IT teams needs with a complete solution that offers global visibility and scalability, which is easy... Read more

NetFlow/SFlow monitoring

H5 have developed a solution that provides to the network administrators a business visibility via simple intuitive and complete views. H5 rely on a proven and standardized model which is easy to implement and with a low TCO... Read more

Multicast flows monitoring

Multicast flows, unlike unicast or point to point flows, allow a small group of servers to send data to a large base of subscribers in real time with a proven efficiency for multiple emerging applications: IPTV, financial data distribution, software updates distribution, Visio conferencing, telemedicine,... Read more

H5-CPR / Centralized Reporting

H5-Central Performance Reporter is a centralized reporting and multi-appliances H5 solution. It includes a simple, complete and intuitive reporting, with an access to ergonomic and instantaneous multi-appliances dashboards... Read more


Since the beginning of its history, H5 – Network and Applications Performance Monitoring solutions provider ( +1000 audits for +100 of customers ) – has developped a large interest in TAP (Test Access Point) and NPB (Network Packet broker) technologies... Read more

Professional services

Professional services are performed by H5 or a H5 certified partner (Please contact us to get contact information). Professional services are designed to support you in getting the best out of the H5-Appliance. They are operational solutions that effectively... Read more

H5 support services

H5 provides support service for all of H5-Solutions (H5-100V, H5-100cc, H5-200, H5-200cc, H5-300cc, H5-700, H5-700cc, H5-800, H5-Flow-Ent, H5-Flow-DC and H5-CPR). Support is available on one, three and five years modules. It includes the :

> Equipment maintenance,

> Software support... Read more


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