IP applications monitoring

Based on “Network Performance Intelligence” and thanks to decades of expertise in auditing network , H5 has developed its H5-Appliance range to address IT teams needs  with a complete solution that offers global visibility and scalability,  which is easy to pilot & is giving real-time results.

Unified architecture - mutualized cross functional solutions

Based on an all-in-one scalable architecture, H5-Appliance is a full autonomous plug and play  and passive system. The appliance supplies extraction and analysis of network flows data, data history storage and Reporting. H5-Appliance captures, analyzes the traffic and extracts applications data for each flow of each active IP on the network up to a guaranteed 40 Gbps without any loss. CC Appliances have additional resources dedicated to storage network traces storage and history up to 308 TB (pcaps).

Passive and external solution

H5-Appliance is a passive solution. – it does not have any impact on the network flows. A powerful real-time collection process retrieves the flows information and calculates 70+ metrics on the fly for all IP flows : 

>  Volume,
>  Network performance,
>  Application performance,
>  MOS,
>  Jitter of multimedia flows (ToIP, video, more)

Monitored objects & business flows

Monitored objects and business flows allow users to monitor all IT environment components (sites, users, business applications, more) thanks to data base customization and adjustments in regards of their needs and goals. Monitored objects provide specific views of sites or users groups; business flows flag and label in a comprehensive format for all actors, business applications that transit between monitored objects (site, users group). The performant and powerful data base ensures metrics retention and history with various granularities in regards of analyzed periods of time (day, week, month, year) due to a robust and intelligent time aggregation process.

Cyclic Capture- Rolling Buffer

All models have a capture module that allows to have immediate, scheduled or alert-configured captures files. CC range models have one additional dedicated rolling buffer module which gives real-time or historical capture files (250 GB up to 308 TB).

Simple, intuitive and complete

Easy to deploy, H5-Appliance is installed on a mirror port of a switch or on a network tap. The commissioning does not require any information system interruption. Without any specific configuration and thanks to real-time traffic inspection, H5-Appliance provides its first metrics, reports, graphics and alerts within few minutes of operation.

H5-Appliance range

H5-Appliances range supports traffics from Mbps up to a full 40 Gbps (nominal value) without any packets loss covering monitoring needs of small/medium organizations and large enterprises and IT services providers.

H5-100cc, 10 Mbps - 50 Mbps, 250 GB dedicated to Cyclic Capture- for Small/Medium Enterprise & Remote sites. Download H5-100cc datasheet.

H5-200, 50 Mbps - 200 Mbps, for Enterprises. Download H5-200 datasheet.

H5-200cc, 50 Mbps - 200 Mbps, 2 TB dedicated to Cyclic Capture for Enterprises. Download H5-200cc datasheet.

H5-300, 200 Mbps - 1 Gbps, for Enterprises.  Download H5-300 datasheet.

H5-300cc, 200 Mbps - 1 Gbps, 12 TB dedicated to Cyclic Capture for Enterprises.  Download H5-300cc datasheet.

H5-700, 500 Mbps - 10 Gbps, for Datacenters, Services Providers. Download H5-700 datasheet

H5-7x0cc, 500 Mbps - 10 Gbps, 48 TB to 308 TB dedicated to Cyclic Capture for Datacenters, Services Providers. Download H5-700cc datasheet.

H5-800-40, 20 Gbps- 40 Gbps,  for Datacenters,  Services Providers. Download H5-800-40 datasheet.

Application IP

Genuine multi-services & all-in one solution, H5-Appliance allows all IT teams to access data’s:

> IT Management
> IT Operations
> Support 
> Business (Marketing, Finances, RH, & +)


H5-Dock Java client is the user interface designed for network engineers/IT Operations. Directly downloaded from the appliance, H5-dock remotely connects to its database and dynamically displays all metrics in relation to all network objects that are detected or configured on your environment. Tables and graphs choice allows deep exploration, detailed and complete analysis of these data’s.

Multiple views

H5-Dock displays multiple views exploring network flows coming across for numerous geographical areas and various time intervals. Powerful data analysis’ tools such as the time zooming and deep-drilling enable to diagnose isolated traffic abnormal behaviors among thousands of network conversations.


From H5-Dock interface, users run on-demand filtered captures, configure threshold alerts and dashboards reports meeting their specific needs.


Business dashboards enable the helpdesk and engineers to access with one click predefined and preselected statistics screen, displaying all the data’s that are essential to highlight and clarify a particular business context. 

H5 system is delivered with a set of factory-configured business dashboards.  Available widgets allow to design your own dashboards to meet your context, function and needs. H5 Professional Services can of course assist and support you in customized reports and dashboards configuration and creation.

Examples :

>  VoIP performance for the site Y (RTP flows, MOS, jitter, etc.),
>  WAN performance (load, who does what, latency measures, errors rate),
>  Traffic matrix of the Datacenter entry,
>  TOP 5 sites of worst WAN performances, and more


H5 Web reporting portal allows users (managers, engineers, business, helpdesk, and more) to access at all times all available reports. In addition, SNMP alerts or emails grant the helpdesk/Support to receive an instantaneous and immediate notification when incident or abnormal situation occurs.

Simple, comprehensive and intuitive

H5-Performance Reporter is the H5-solutions’ web interface: it provides simple, comprehensive and intuitive Reporting with an ergonomic view and instantaneous dashboards. 

Common to all actors

H5-Performance Reporter interface allows all business audiences a tailored tool adapted to their needs. Additionally of facilitating communication within the company, H5-Performance Reporter enables you with a global and high level IT views, to drive deep analysis on incidents root-cause and promptly direct actions requests towards relevant teams: you evolve into a pro-active attitude and act before situation becomes critical.

Complete view of your network and of your applications

H5-Performance Reporter provides an instantaneous and complete view of your whole network and your applications. Maintaining IT performance and availability is essential for your company operations. A global visibility is a must for a good management.

Built-in and customized reports

This interface provides built-in reports and customized reports in which you organize your own menu of folders, subfolders or reports.

Ergonomic and express

Its ergonomics and its easy handling allow everyone (in respect of their profile configuration and level authorization granted by the solution administrator) to create, modify and analyze reports.

CYCLIC CAPTURE- Rolling Buffer- CC

In regards of classic H5 Appliance range, CC range Appliances have additional resources storage 100% dedicated to Network traces storage and history (pcap files). It allows to drill-down on a specific traffic, or a selected IP or a monitored object to get the associated network trace on a past or present period. Analysis and troubleshooting analysis can be conducted with unquestionable data’s to understand network event context. For upgrades from classic to cc model, please contact sales department.


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