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Submitted by globaladmin on 29 May 2018

Solutions for Outsourced Engineering R&D

H5 - your partner in Outsourced R&D for Network Flows Monitoring Solutions.

You need to develop a Network flows monitoring solution for a specific business need.

> You want to monitor a specific protocol

>« On shelves » solutions are not meeting your expectations

Why should you frustrate yourself in selecting a standardized and complex monitoring tool?

We are aware that:

> Every Project is unique

> Every Enterprise gets noticed by developing its owns ideas and dedicated strategies

The solution you need:

Tailored on your organization, your specifications and requirements

> Simple in use

> Adaptive and evolving in regards of your Project

> Expertise, know-how and fields experience of specialist

H5 R&D department can be your partner on your project in providing a custom-made solution thanks to:

> Over 10 years of experience in Network Test and Measurements in IT audits environment

> Proficiency and skills based in designing and manufacturing Network and Application flows monitoring solutions ( H5-Appliances) fitted to enterprises and services providers environments.

> Field and Customer shared experiences back ground on dedicated projects specifically developed for customers active in Telecom and Industry

> International and French large customers satisfaction




Aptitude & Experience :

H5 Know-how is based onto its expertise in manufacturing and designing Applications and network flows monitoring solutions ( h5-Appliances) fitted to enterprises and services providers environments.

H5 has proven its creativity and openness by offering its legacy products modules to accelerate specific products development of Large European clients that are part of Space, Telecoms and industry. It has strengthened the enterprise exposure on fast growing applications and networks flows performance monitoring markets.

Quality and Positionning :

H5 ability to provide an answer to clients expectations is acknowledged. Work with adapted resources coupled with a strong will to enhance our processes and organization is also a key for success. This state of mind is found onto good work accomplishment, team spirit and constant challenging to be At the top of the tree.

Innovation Policy:

Our initiative is based on Innovation that can provide customers customized products that are meeting their expectations. Thanks a dedicated site to our R&D department and special financial allocated resources, H5 is able to support the rapid evolution of the targeted markets. We, as a company, also reward H5 team’s entrepreneurship, daredevil and eager desire to know.



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